Roland Harper

Hunted Occult Practitioner


Name Roland Harper
High Concept: Hunted Occult Practitioner
Trouble: No rest for the wicked
Aspects: Child Of the Dark Arts
I Don’t Believe, I Know
Keep Your Head Down
Friends in Low Places
People Are Strange, When You’re a Stranger

  • Great (+4) Lore, Conviction
  • Good (+3) Contacts, Discipline
  • Fair (+2) Alertness, Resources, Endurance, Guns
  • Average (+1) Investigation, Weapons, Stealth, Presence, Athletics

Stunts and Powers:

  • Channeling (Spirit, +1 Power)
  • Thaumaturgy (Divination, +1 Complexity)
  • Wizard’s Constitution
  • The Right Tool For The Job (stunt: +1 to resources)

Focus Items
Glyph Carved Walking Stick (+ 1 Offensive Spirit Power)
Gypsy Charm Necklace (+ 1 Defensive Spirit Power)
Master’s Athame (+ 1 Divination Control)
Satchel of Tricks (+ 1 Divination Complexity)

Fate Points (1)


  • Physical ( ) ( ) ( ) (X) (X) (X)
  • Mental ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) (X) (X)
  • Social ( ) ( ) (X) (X) (X) (X)


  • Mild (-2) Aspect: Sore Shoulder
  • Moderate (-4) Aspect:
  • Severe (-6) Aspect:
  • Extreme (-8) Aspect (replace permanent):

Background Phase:
Roland Harper was born in Portland on Oct. 31st, 1955, to William and Susan Harper. His parents were beatnik artists, and both exhibited a minor talent for the mystical. In the early sixties, shortly after Roland’s sister, Meg, was born, his parents joined a group of other “free spirits” in a mystic, hippy “cult”. The main purpose was to learn and explore the hidden ways of the spirit. Roland, who showed some minor talent, as well, was taught the rites and rituals of the cult from a young age. Unfortunately, none of the cult members were very talented or powerful, so his early education was somewhat lacking.

When Harper was 17, it was discovered that Julian Albert Lamb, the leader of the cult, and a few select others, were experimenting in the Dark Arts. In an attempt to gain greater power, they were consorting with demons, and possibly emissaries of the Outsiders. This created a violent schism within the cult. During the subsequent fighting Harper’s parents and sister were killed. Harper, himslef, barely managed to escape, using the cult’s ritual dagger, or Athame, to defend himself while he fled. He did take a serious wound to his leg during the fight, resulting in a limp that still plagues him to this day.

Aspect: Child of the Dark Arts

Rising Conflict Phases
Now on the run from his old cult, Harper traveled around the country, never staying in one place for very long. He furthered his education in Magic and the occult by studying with various practitioners of different disciplines. He learned to harness the power of Spirit, Force and Light, and studied ritual after ritual. During his travels he fashioned a rune carved walking stick, received a charm necklace from an old gypsy fortune teller, and put together quite a diverse collection of occult curios and components. Despite the tragedy of loosing his family and his place in the world, Harper maintained a steadfast resolve though out his travels.

Aspect: I Don’t Believe, I Know

First Adventure Phase
While investigating a group of Chinese smugglers in San Fransisco, who specialized in Occult ingredients from the East, Harper’s old cult finally caught up with him. He was ambushed by cultists, and taken captive. Awakening after passing out from excruciating torture, Harper somehow managed to escape, incapacitating his captors with magic, then ending their lives by mundane means. He realized then that he couldnt keep running, and had to return to the Northwest to face his old cult head on.

Aspect: Keep Your Head Low

Guest Star
On the train from San Fransisco, Harper met and befriended Reginald Smithe, a charming young man from the South. They became drinking buddies, frequenting some of the divier bars in Portland. This friendship developed into a bit of a business relationship, as Smithe occasionally acts as Harper’s go-between with the public.

Aspect: I’ve Got Friends in Low Places

Guest Star, Redux
After first seeing her on the same train he met Smithe on, Harper and Maureen Sullivan have run into each other on multiple occasions over the past year. There is a strange connection between the two of them, one neither fully understands.

Aspect: People are Strange When You’re a Stranger.


Reginald Smithe- One of the only people in Portland I can consider a friend, I met Smithe on the train up from San Fransisco. He is a charming and easy going young man, something I find myself envious of. In the past year we have developed something of a working relationship, in addition to being friends. He acts as the face of my investigations, as he can actually carry a cell phone and a laptop, without frying them inside of a month. He doesn’t even seem very phased by some of the stranger things he’s seen and heard. Not bad for a normal.

Dana Starling- Agent Starling is a fed, so it’s odd we would get along. In fact, I believe she initially was investigating me, but she has never admitted to that. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of cults, and other occult groups, yet, strangely she refuses to acknowledge the supernatural. I think she has convinced herself that there is a scientific explanation to the things she has witnessed with her own eyes. Either way, she is almost a colleague. I provided insights into some of her cases, and she passes along information regarding Lamb and my old cult. She also has given me the heads up when he mortal authorities are looking too hard at my activities.

Ichthyan Stark- Stark is a strange case. He is some sort of amphibious humanoid, perhaps Fomor blooded. Whatever the case, he claims he was found in a tank in the basement of one of the older buildings in Portland. The only indication of what or who he is was a slip of paper with the words Ichthyo Sapien, and the address of the building written on it. Perhaps it was a shipping invoice, but it was dated 1901. Stark is a certifiable genius. I have seen him reading two or three books at once. Not two or three books over the same period of time, but at the SAME time. He has a near doctoral level of knowledge of biology, particularly crypto-biology. I believe he is searching for answers to his own strange make-up. He is also the best shot with a firearm I have ever seen. He has been a partner of mine in a few investigations, and has been an invaluable ally.

Debbie Smith- Less an ally, and more a client, Ms. Smith was referred to me by Agent Starling. She is about as normal as a normal can get. Her picture is probably next to Pure Vanilla Mortal in the dictionary. Regardless, there is a strength in Ms. Smith. She came to me to discuss a brutal killing she may have witnessed, which I believe was related to a demonic presence here in Portland. That she didn’t just talk herself out believing she saw something supernatural speaks to her fortitude and frankness.

Maureen Sullivan- Ms. Sullivan is the strangest case of them all. She appears to be a normal mortal, not even twenty, but something about her gives me an itch on the inside of my skin. There is an odd connection between the two of us. I’m positive I saw her on the same train I met Smithe on. Since then I think I’ve seen her at least half a dozen more times over the past year. It was quite a wonder that when I went to meet Ms. Smith at the Third Eye, Ms. Sullivan was there, AND she and Ms. Smith knew each other from work. If she’s a normal, what was she doing hanging out at a neutral ground for the supernatural? I tried to get a read on her, but she threw me off with grace and charm.

Roland Harper

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